Rice Elementary School

Principal: Melissa Duvé
7000 Third Street ● Wellington CO 80549
Phone: 970.488.8700 ● Fax: 970.488.8702 Attendance Line: 970.488.8701



Literacy Intervention at Rice Elementary provides students in Kindergarten – 5th grades with supplemental small group instruction in reading to help them reach grade level expectations, when needed.  Through the use of on-going assessments, students’ instruction is tailored to their individual needs. Lessons are taught in groups of 2 – 6 children for 20-30 minutes each day by a literacy interventionist, classroom teacher or a para-professional.  There is collaboration between the literacy interventionists, classroom teachers and paraprofessionals with the goal of creating meaningful connections between the literacy intervention and the regular classroom instruction.  Children receive support in decoding, accuracy, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary strategies.  Instructional games and hands-on activities are used to teach these skills which provides a fun and motivating environment.

K-2 Literacy Interventionist: Mrs. Kelly Kelley              3-5 Literacy Interventionist: Mrs. Sharilyn Zerbst