Rice Elementary School

Principal: Melissa Duvé
7000 Third Street ● Wellington CO 80549
Phone: 970.488.8700 ● Fax: 970.488.8702 Attendance Line: 970.488.8701


Homework Policy

We believe:
Children need to READ every day!
    Reading TO children counts!
    Talking about the book helps with comprehension.
-Mastering some skills takes LOTS of practice!
    Math facts are important to memorize.
-Learning is social and is best when it is based on choice.
     Learning with your child will benefit both of you!
-Play and physical exercise is essential!

 Our Policy:

Every child at Rice is expected to READ or be read to at least 5 nights/week.
Pre-K, K, 1st:    
10 minutes
2nd - 3rd:          15 minutes
4th - 5th:            20 minutes

In addition to reading, students in grades 1-5 should practice math facts 5-10 minutes at least 3 times/week.  These should be mastered by the end of the grade level.
counting to 100 and addition facts to 5
1st:      addition facts to 20
2nd:     subtraction facts to 20
3rd:      multiplication facts to 10X10
4th:      multiplication facts to 10X10
5th:      division facts

Optional homework will be given but will not be graded.
Spelling lists for 1st - 5th grades will be posted on each class website weekly with suggested activities.  
-Special learning activities that enhance the learning in school will be suggested on class websites monthly.

Occasional homework will be required and graded.
Work that is not finished in class due to a child’s choices may be sent home.
-Children will not miss recess to complete work but may receive a lower grade for incomplete work or miss a special class activity to complete it.
-Special projects that require family involvement may be assigned infrequently.

Encouraged homework includes:
Outside play for at least 1 hour/day
Family dinner table conversations about what was learned in school
Helping with chores such as feeding pets, cleaning bedrooms, cooking dinner, washing dishes, helping with the garden, etc.
Educational games or games of strategy played with family or friends
Sports practice
Music and/or Art lessons
Nature walks
Science explorations
Family visits to a museum
Writing a letter to a grandparent

 May 2017