Rice Elementary School

Principal: Melissa Duvé
7000 Third Street ● Wellington CO 80549
Phone: 970.488.8700 ● Fax: 970.488.8702 Attendance Line: 970.488.8701


Mrs. Kelly Kelley

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About Me
I am currently the K-2 interventionist working with students who need a little extra support in reading. I work closely with classroom teachers to ensure we are all working towards a common goal. It is my job to make sure students feel encouraged, are celebrated and help them persevere when something gets tough. I am also the English Language teacher working with students in K-5. I help identify students who will need English Language Development. I provide language instruction to small groups of students who are at the same language proficiency. I work along side the classroom teachers to help provide strategies that students and teachers can use throughout the day.
What I love most about working at Rice Elementary: 
I love our students and families at Rice.