Assistant Principal's Welcome

Welcome back, Rice Raptor Community!  I am Ms. Garcia and I will be your school's Assistant Principal!  I am SO excited to join the Rice community.  I grew up in a small town similar to Wellington, so I am thrilled to serve in a smaller, tight-knit community.  I have heard of so many of the great things happening in Wellington and at Rice! 

We have so many dedicated and talented staff members, and I cannot wait to see you interact and learn with your peers and teachers!  It’ll be a great year!  I do have some Words of Wisdom (WoW) for you:  Stay engaged, everyday.  If you have any questions about remote learning, ASK!  Ask your teacher, ask your friends, ask your parents, ask your school counselor, ask me!  We want to make sure that this particular time of learning is valuable and useful to you as your progress throughout your elementary years.  Everything builds upon itself, so be sure to take advantage of all of your learning opportunities - and ask questions!  😊

I will hope to see all of you in person very soon! 

Elizabeth Garcia
Assistant Principal