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David Freeman

Instructional Paraprofessional
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My name is David Freeman, and this is my 13th year as an instructional paraprofessional here at Rice.  I have had the privilege of helping students in every grade level over the time I have been here, but in the last few years I have primarily worked with 5th grade students.  I also spend time with kids in the lunchroom and on the playground, which I enjoy because I get to see different sides of students' personalities and help them learn to work with their peers to solve the problems and challenges they encounter as they eat and play together.

Another aspect of my work that I really value is being part of a great staff that works together to create a safe and encouraging community, where students can develop confidence in their own strengths and abilities and have a positive learning experience.

I grew up in southern California and Colorado, and then lived in St. Paul and Chicago.  After another long period of time in southern California, I moved to Fort Collins in 2007 to be closer to family (I have two brothers who have lived in Fort Collins for about forty years).  I have been married to Mary Beth for 37 years, and we have one adult child (Nathan) who is a college student in Vermont.  I enjoy reading, collecting children's books, playing board games with my family, walking and hiking, and playing basketball occasionally (whenever my knees decide to cooperate). 


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